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Highbourne Caye

Location: Bahamas

Size: 1.1 MW | 2 MWh Battery Storage

Product:Fixed Tilt G3-X

Completed: May 2021

Cedarvale Rainy River Ontario Canada Installed with SFR G3X

Rainy River, Ontario

Location: Canada

Size: 38.5 MW

Product:Fixed Tilt G3-X

Completed: 2009

Grasshopper Portfolio_Ontario_Canada_TDP 2_LR

Grasshopper Portfolio

Location: Multiple projects across Ontario

Size: 22 MW (Total)


Completed: 2021

Beverly Landfill Solar Project-solar-flexrack

Beverly Landfill

Location: Beverly, MA

Size: 4.9 MW

Product:Fixed Tilt B3P-X

Completed: 2020

Danville Virginia Solar Project installed with Solar FlexRack TDP 2 Trackers_2020

Danville Solar Project

Location: Danville, VA

Size: 13.6 MW


Completed: Aug 2020

Pender County

Location: Willard, NC

Size: 105 MW

Product:Fixed Tilt G3L-X

Completed: Dec 2019



Location: Lincoln, NE

Size: 4.7 MW


Complete Date: June 2016


Location: Pahrump, NV

Size: 17.5 MW

Product:Fixed Tilt G3-X

Completed: July 2016

Faust Family Dairy

Location: Chowchilla, CA

Size: 1.1 MW


Completed: Sept 2018

Columbia Bryson


Size: 1.38MWac


Completed: 2019



Location: Lapeer, MI

Size: 51.5 MW

Product:Fixed Tilt G3P-X

Completed: Feb 2017

Bushy Creek

Location: Charleston, SC

Size: 1.42 MW

Product:Cast-in-Place B3P-X

Completed: Nov 2016

Steel Bridge


Size: 3 MW

Product:Fixed Tilt G3P-X

Completed: Aug 2015


Location: Annapolis, MD

Size: 18 MW

Product:Fixed Tilt B3P-X

Completed: 2018


Location: NC

Size: 71 MW

Product:Fixed Tilt G3P-X

Completed: 2019

Amphenol Aerospace

Location: Sidney, NY

Size: 6.3 MW

Product:Series B3X CIP

Completed: 2020

Warsaw School

Location: Warsaw, IN

Size: 3.8 MW

Product:Fixed Tilt G3P-X

Completed: 2018

Jimmy Carter Sumpter Project

Location: Plains, GA

Size: 1.3 MW


Completed: 2017

Elizabeth Mine Superfund

Location: Strafford, VT

Size: 7 MW

Product:Fixed Tilt B3-X Pre-Cast

Completed: Aug 2017

Shrewsbury Landfill


Size: 3.7 MW

Product:B3P-X Pre-Cast

Completed: June 2018

Goodhue Community Solar

Location: Red Maple, MN

Size: 2.7 MW

Product:Fixed Tilt G3-X

Complete Date: May 2019

Coyote Ridge Community Solar

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Size: 1.95 MW


Complete Date: Sept 2017

Great Divide

Location: Canyon Creek, MT

Size: 4.3 MW


Complete Date: 2017

Penn State

Location: Penn State University, PA

Size: 2 MW

Product:Fixed Tilt G3-X

Complete Date: 2018

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