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Solar FlexRack is an industry-leading company that offers selection in best-in-class engineered solar tracker solutions which translates to significant increases in energy yield, along with reductions in project risks and costs.

Solar FlexRack’s two distinct Solar Tracker products offer customers flexibility for site-specific characteristics. They provide options for the design and construction of solar systems that deliver the most economical and structurally stable solar projects. Please review the information below for more details on each of our current Solar Trackers.

Learn More About Our Two Solar Tracker Solutions:


Field- Assembled
Ground Mount
Single Axis Tracker


Field- Assembled
Ground Mount
Single Axis Tracker

From your preliminary layout and design, through geotechnical engineering, construction and commissioning, and for the life of the system, TDP Turnkey Solar Trackers are the only tracker solutions with full project support services.

TDP Turnkey Solar Trackers Deliver:

Efficient design for faster installation
Smaller drive blocks to maximize land use
Distributed drive to reduce operation and maintenance costs
Smart backtracking to reduce shading across rows
Up to 10% slope tolerance to eliminate land prep time
Full project services support
UP to 60 modules per tracker
Zero scheduled maintenance needed
Independently driven rows provide easy access for mowing, cleaning and other maintenance
Black & Veatch Report available upon request
TDP Turnkey Trackers

TDP 2.0 Turnkey Solar Tracker With BalanceTrac Delivers:

More modules per row (up to 90)
Rotational range of up to 110° (± 55°)
Optimized for 1000 and 1500V solar modules
Lower per-unit fixed costs for balance of system savings
Allows shorter piles
Programmable technology to mitigate inclement climatic conditions
Fly installation with no prying, adjusting or special tools
Built to last, the robust design reduces the amount of tracker components and wear
Independent tables increase design flexibility to maximize land use
More granular controls for backtracking to reduce row shading
Independently driven rows provide easy access for mowing, cleaning and other maintenance
Full project services support

Successful Customers Use Solar FlexRack

“金博宝188网址太阳FlexRack货架products, management, and engineering deliver the best value.”

– Sr. Project Manager, Leading Solar Developer



SolarFlexRack TDP Tracker Installed in Former President Jimmy Carters Installation_SolAmerica

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