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Selected by leading EPCs and installers, smart G3-X is one of the best field assembled, ground-mount solar systems available for utility-scale and commercial solar installations. Don’t be fooled by shoddy competitors!

Engineered to make your life easier

  • 强大的设计提供粗糙的耐用性,您可以依赖
  • Fast and trouble-free installations, with rapid module install design (real, third-party time study available)
  • Safeguards solar modules from damage during installation
  • All steel construction for competitive cost-per-watt pricing
  • Safe and efficient module mounting with direct bolt bonded connection
  • Built-in adjustability and tolerances that accommodate up to a 20% slope in the east-west direction
  • 适用于任何桩解决方案:SmartPost,圆柱,宽法兰W段,螺旋墩,地螺钉和压载
  • Integrated bonding and wire management
  • UL 2703 certified


Our racking can be delivered pre-assembled.


The unique design of the Series G3-X makes it a perfect fit for nearly any installation. It is compatible with all commonly used foundation options. The design has multiple pre-drilled holes, slot-to-slot connections, and generous construction tolerances which make the G3-X extremely flexible and adaptable on the jobsite.

Easy Assembly With Installations that Fly

(In comparison to other conventional racking companies)

The Series G3-X Ground Mount Rack installs quickly, features similar-sized hardware and requires only standard tools and equipment for assembly. The system is easily staged on the jobsites and can be assembled in a logical, step-by-step manner in the field by crews of nearly any skill level. We are so confident in our install rates that we’ve had third party time studies performed on all of our racking solutions to show how fast they install.

With best-in-class engineering, the G3-X has unique design attributes that automatically square the system so modules easily slide into place and installation time is significantly reduced. In other words, Solar FlexRack installations fly. The speed of installation has been verified by third-party time study tests conducted by the Industrial Time Study Institute.

Recognized as a “workhorse racking solution”, G3-X meets large-scale solar installation quality standards and reduces time and labor costs.

Industry Leader: FlexRack G3-X

Optimizes racking design to:

  • Reduce installation time
  • Reduce project installation costs
  • 保护你的溶胶ar modules and your solar project budget

G3-X Secrets

Part two of our Solar Secrets Series, “Secrets to Reducing Solar Project Costs” contains a snapshot of a highly-successful Fixed Tilt solar project that utilized our G3-X Fixed Tilt solar racking solution.



UL 2703

Successful Customers Use Solar FlexRack


– President, Solar Developer and Installer

Done Right, The First Time

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