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The FlexRack Series G, our fixed tilt ground mount offering, is available in both landscape and portrait orientations. Each system can either be shipped pre-assembled or ready for field assembly (designated with a -X in the product name).


Ground Mount
Available in Landscape or Portrait


Pre-assembled Unfolding
Ground Mount

FlexRack Ground Series G Benefits

  • Offered in both landscape and portrait
  • Direct bolt mounting feature UL 2703
  • Lateral bracing stabilizes and squares racking system for fast, safe & easy module installation
  • Horizontal rail bracket allows horizontal rail to be set in place without the need to install bolts, thereby reducing installation time
  • Accommodates up to 20% East-West grades

Benefits of the Solar FlexRack Design

  • Eliminates “roll-over” and prevents twisting of the horizontal rail
  • Allows rails to be safely rested in place without the need to install bolts while load is suspended, saving significant time in installation
  • Perfectly squares rack enabling best-in-the-business module installation rates
  • Minimizes “sagging” and maintains even panel spacing
  • Works in conjunction with bracing and rails to effectively brace the horizontal from torsion

The Solar FlexRack design results in a lighter, stiffer, and more cost-efficient solar rack.

Ground Mounts & Foundations

  • All of Solar FlexRack ground mount racking solutions attach to any post type. Our engineering team will design the most economical and structurally stable solution for your project site including:
  • Wide Flange W Section – predominant pile driven solution
  • SFR SmartPost
  • Ballast (pre-cast or cast-in-place)
  • Round Post
  • Helical Post
  • Earth Screw

Successful Customers Use Solar FlexRack

“We work closely with our clients and want to ensure we find the best solutions for their needs. Solar FlexRack met our demanding requirements, providing the most versatile solution with the ability to accommodate varying terrains and duplicate design configurations – reducing engineering time and installation cost.”

– President, Solar Developer and EPC



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