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Solar FlexRack (SFR), a division of Northern States Metals, is an integrated solar company that offers custom-designed, fixed tilt ground mount and single-axis solar tracker systems in the commercial and utility-scale, solar mounting industry. Solar FlexRack also offers full turnkey packages, including engineering, geotechnical, pullout testing, field, layout, and installation services. We address the actual site conditions of an installation, providing a full scope of services from design to delivery and installation. Solar FlexRack has completed more than 2.5 GW ofsolar racking installationsin 40 states across America and five countries globally.


Commercial and Distributed Generation solar energy market segments can present unique challenges. As solar becomes more accepted in mainstream public and private sectors, demand for quality becomes more critical. Quality is the heart of Solar FlexRack’s value proposition. Our team is driven to deliver solar trackers, racking and support services that give solar project owners and financiers the assurance of reliable products and a highly-experienced services support team for a smooth and trouble-free solar installation.

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The utility-scale solar energy segment continues to dominate photovoltaic (PV) installation of the entire solar market by over 50%+ year-over-year. Projected to grow to almost 10 GW of capacity by 2020, this powerful segment drives Solar FlexRack’s core product and support services offerings. Providing solar trackers, racking and project support services for these utility-scale solar power projects, see how Solar FlexRack has helped some of the states’ largest solar projects come to fruition.

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Community Solar projects are making solar power accessible to a far greater market of rooftops that have not been suitable in the past. In fact, the nationally addressable market is projected to be around 100 million households. Community solar is a little different and these specialized developers and installers know their solar systems need to stand the test of time and consistently perform for the subscribers counting on their monthly production. Solar FlexRack is the perfect solution for community solar.

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Safeguarding Solar Projects

很难衡量夏娃ry cost you’ll encounter when a solar project goes awry. We all unfortunately know these stories.

Solar FlexRack helps companies avoid these pitfalls. With decades of knowledge and experience behind our team, we deliver dependable products and best-in-class services to ensure successful completion of your solar projects.

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The SFRAdvantage

Safeguard Your Solar Investment

Solar FlexRack is fully committed to ensuring your solar project functions without mechanical flaws for its entire lifecycle. One example is our proprietary designs feature which automatically squares the solar racking system, enabling modules to easily slide into perfect alignment during installation without prying or applying pressure. This design feature allows our installs to completely avoid module damage such as frame breakage, micro-cracking or disconnection of cell string ribbons.and is just one of the ways Solar FlexRack safeguards your solar system’s power generating components (the modules) and the long-term performance of your system.

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Industry Leading Product Reliability

Solar FlexRack is a division of a 45 year old company, Northern States Metals, so it’s in our DNA to design and deliver products which will last the full lifecycle of your solar project. We are committed to the long-haul and this is reflected in everything we do from product design, to our supply chain, through our technical solutions developed specifically for your particular application.

We’ve installed systems in some of the harshest climates in the world, have encountered nearly every soil type known to mankind and pride ourselves on the longevity and reliability of the power plants we’ve designed and supplied.

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Best-In-Class Solar Services

Solar FlexRack has been in the services business since the inception of the company, and now offers full Turnkey Installation services. We started by performing pull tests to aid our clients in designing appropriate foundations for their solar projects. We soon realized that we could deliver significantly more value to our clients by expanding our services offerings and now offer just about any service that you’d require to implement an installation, including Geotechnical Reports, Push/Pull Load Tests, frost mitigation, pier design, and full foundation, rack/tracker and module installation services. Solar FlexRack offers real Turnkey solutions to our clients.


World-Class Customer Service

Solar FlexRack is truly different from other solar racking companies as we offer a wide range of professional services which, along with our excellent products, ensure that our solutions are built to last. We are a solar industry leader committed to full customer satisfaction, and we take pride in the in-depth knowledge and superior capabilities of our technical teams. We dig deep to deliver the best products and services possible for our customers. The scope of technical expertise and level of customer support offered by Solar FlexRack is world-class.

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